Power transformer winding deformation tester, transformer winding deformation meter, transformer winding deformation analyzer
Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

Transformer winding deformation tester is based on transformer internal winding characteristic measurement, adopting the developed countries internal fault frequency response analysis (FRA) method, able to make accurate judgments on the transformer internal fault. Once the transformer is manufactured, its coil and the internal structure is stabilized, therefore to a multi- winding transformer coil, if the voltage level is same, with the same windling method, around the system in the same way , the corresponding parameter of each coil (Ci, Li) should is determined. Thus each coil resulting frequency domain response is determined , which corresponds to the frequency spectrum between the three-phase coils having a comparable. Transformer turns occurs during the test , the interphase short circuit or a collision during transport , resulting in the relative displacement of the coil , and the short-circuit during operation and the fault condition causing the coil deformation due to the electromagnetic force , will make the distribution parameters of the transformer windings change. Thereby affecting and changing transformers original frequency domain characteristics, namely the frequency response and resonant amplitude variations occurring frequency offset and so on.

Product Features:


1. Collection control adopt high-speed , highly integrated microprocessor;
2. Notebook with USB interface for communication between the instrument
laptops and USB interface for communication between instruments;
3. There is communication wireless blue-tooth interface between laptop computer and instruments;
4. The chipset adopt DDS dedicated digital high-speed sweeping technology ( USA ) , though the testing, can accurately diagnosed the winding distorted, drum kits, shift, tilt, deformation of inter-turn short circuit and phase to phase short circuit fault.;
5. High resolution dB value measurement, dual-channel 16-bit A / D ( on-site test change the tap , means obvious output change );
6. The signal output amplitude can be adjusted by software, the maximum amplitude peak ± 10V;
7. The computer generates an electronic document testing results  in Word format;
8. Using precision, high stability components, to the same-phase repeated testing, the measurement repetition rate to 99.5%;
9. The finished circuit board ,with a special process on the surface, with water-proof and anti-harmful gas functions;
10. the instrument has a linear frequency sweep measurements and segmented sweep measurement dual measurement system features two techniques compatible with the current domestic genre measurement mode;
11. The amplitude-frequency characteristics meet the national tester technical indicators standard. Abscissa ( frequency ) with linear and logarithmic indexing, so the printed curve can be linear pitch curve points, also can be a logarithmic curve, the user can choose according to actual need;
12. Automatic detection of data analysis system, horizontal comparison A, B, C three-phase windings similarity comparison, the results as follows: ①perfect consistency,②good consistency , ③ordinary  consistency, ④ poor consistency. Vertical comparison, A-A, B-B, C-C obtain the original data and the current data phase to phase winding deformation comparison between, the results as follows: ①normal winding deformation, ②mild winding deformation, ③moderate winding deformation, ④severe deformation deformation;
13. Automatically generated Word electronic documents, for saving and printing;
14. It fully meet the electricity standard DL/T911-2004 " power transformer winding deformation Frequency Response Analysis" technical conditions .
Model Specification(can be customized):
Scan mode Linear scan  distribution Scan measurementrange 1kHz~2MHz,2000 scan frequency point,resolution:1kHz
Sectional scan measurement distribution 0.5kHz~1MHz,2000 scan frequency point
Amplitude measurement range (-100dB)~(+20dB)
Amplitude measurement accuracy 0.1dB
Scan frequency accuracy < 0.01%
Signal input impedance 1MΩ
Signal output impedance 50Ω
Co-phase repetitive rate 99.50%
Instrument dimension 300×340×120mm3
Case dimension 310×400×330mm3
Weight 10kg

Also called as:

Power transformer winding deformation tester, transformer winding deformation meter, transformer winding deformation analyzer.
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