HXDN-3B Power and Harmonics Analyzer
HXDN-3B Power and Harmonics Analyzer
Product Features:

1. High precision measuring instrument, which can be used for energy meter calibration, electric parameter test and the detection of the power quality problems such as wave distortion, voltage fluctuation and three-phase unbalance;

2. Real load live test the integrated error of metering equipment, without power off, without changing the metering circuit, or opening the metering device;

3. Accurately measure a variety of electrical parameters, such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power, phase angle, power factor, frequency, etc;

4. Display the vector diagram of the measured voltage and current, by which users can judge if the metering device wiring is correct or not, can discriminate 48 kinds of wire connecting under three phases three wire connection mode, and can auto calculate electric quantity compensation;

5. The current circuit can be measured using clip on transformer without disconnecting current loop;

6. Check voltmeter, ampere meter, power meter, phase meter and other indicators as well as three-phase three wire, three-phase four wire, single phase 1A, 5A all kinds of active and reactive power meter;

7. Photoelectric, manual, pulse and other methods for energy meter calibration;

8. Measurement and analysis of the AC power quality from the utility grid to client can be easily done, including frequency deviation, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuations, flicker, three-phase voltage unbalance factor and harmonic;

9. Display single-phase voltage current waveform, also display 3-phase voltage and current waveform;

10. The load fluctuation monitoring: measurement and analysis of power quality fluctuations caused by different running of all kinds of electric equipment to the utility grid, auto recording of electric power parameters;

11. Dynamic monitoring of power equipment adjustment and operation;

12. Measure and analyze the dynamic parameters of reactive power compensation and filtering devices in the power system, and make quantitative evaluation of its features and technical specifications;

13. Calendar and real clock function, data automatically save during testing and can upload to computer;

14. Large LCD display and user-friendly interface;

15. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for on site testing or measurement in laboratory.

Model Specification(can be customized):

1.  Measuring Range

1)Voltage measuring range: 0~400V:  4 gears(57.7V,100V,220V,400V) automatically shifting

2)Current measuring range: 0~5A, built in transformer 5A(CT),

Split-core type transformer: 5A(small size),  25A(small size), 100A(medium size), 500A(medium size), 400A(big size), 2000A(big size), medium and big size are optional

3)Phase angle measuring range: 0~359.999°

4)Frequency measuring range: 45~55Hz


2.  Accuracy

Voltage ±0.05%(±0.1%)
Current ±0.05%(±0.1%) split-core type transformer ±0.5%
Active Power ±0.05%(±0.1%) split-core type transformer ±0.5%
Reactive Power ±0.3%(±0.5%) split-core type transformer ±1.0%
Active Energy: ±0.05%(±0.1%) split-core type transformer ±0.5%
Reactive Energy ±0.3%(±0.5%) split-core type transformer ±1.0%
Frequency ±0.05%(±0.1%)
Phase ±0.2°


3.  Power Quality

1)Fundamental voltage and current amplitude:

① Fundamental voltage tolerance ≤0.5% FS

② Fundamental current allowable error ≤1% FS

2)Phase difference between fundamental voltage and current error:≤0.5°

3)Harmonic voltage containing rate measurement error:≤0.1%

4)Harmonic current containing rate measurement error:≤0.2%

5)Three phase voltage unbalance degree error:≤0.2%


4.  Dielectric Strength

1) The insulating resistance of voltage current input terminal to case ≥100MΩ

2) The input terminal of the working power can stand 1.5kV (RMS) to case, time is 1 minute


5.  Standard Power Energy Pulse Constant

1)Built-in transformer (FL)=10000 r/kW·h

2)Split-core type transformer: (FL):

5A 25A 100A 500A 400A 2000A
10000r/KW·h 2000 r/KW·h 500 r/KW·h 100 r/KW·h 125 r/KW·h 25 r/KW·h


6.  Operating Temperature:  -10℃~+40℃

7.  Net Weight:  2kg

8.  Dimension:  25 × 16 × 6 cm

Also called as:

Power Energy Meter Calibrator.

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