Digital Phase-Voltage-Current Meter with Double Clamp
Digital Phase-Voltage-Current Meter with Double Clamp

Digital Phase/Voltage/Current Meter with Double Clamp is special designed for testing voltage, current and phase on site. It is with high-precision, portable, dual-channel input measuring device. It’s easy to measure the phase between U-U, I-I and U-I, to identify the inductive circuit , capacitive circuit and the phase sequence of three-phase voltage, detect wiring group of transformer, test the secondary circuit and bus differential protection system, test the phase relationship among  CT groups of a differential protection system and to check If the watthour meter was correctly wired.

Product Features:

1. Ingenious structure, easy to operate, hand held structure;

2. No need to disconnect circuit or change measurement range under 10mA-10A, 3V-500v when test phase;

3. Using high contrast LCD, characters can be 25mm, the screen angle can be 70°to obtain the best visual effects;

4. The function and layout of the switch are reasonable, rotating can read the measuring voltage, current and phase;

5. High resolution, with new type patent current clamp, current resolution up to 0.1mA; voltage resolution up to 0.1V;

6. Low power consumption, with the function of testing the voltage of battery.

Model Specification(can be customized):

Also called as:

Double Clamp Digital Phase-Voltage-Current Meter; Portable Digital Phase-Voltage-Current Meter with Double Clamp; Digital Phase Meter; Portable Digital Phase Meter.

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