Live cable identification device,Cable Identification Device
Cable Identification Device
This device is designed to detect high-voltage cables charged or not, in order to avoid major power shutoff or personal safety incidents due to curtting the wrong cable, greatly improve the construction, maintenance efficiency, protection of industrial and agricultural production and people's lives normally.
Product Features:


1.  High voltage cables running charged with high voltage cables or power outage identification accurate and simple;
2. Hot Standby voltage cables for high-voltage cables and power required to carefully compare live or not identified;
3. Complete instrument novel, portable, beautiful;
4. Operation is extremely simple;
5. Instructions clear and intuitive, with blue backlight;
6. It's designed for handheld single-handed operation, in line with user-friendly design philosophy;
7. Sensitivity adjustable, with two kinds of highly sensitive detection probe, suitable for a variety of field;
8. A probe is suitable for running cable identification, B-type probe is suitable with the completion of the A-type probe charged (running hot standby) power cable with identification.


Model Specification(can be customized):
Low voltage pulse amplitude ≥ 150V
Tolerance System tolerance 0.2m
1st Measurement Tolerance  1% ( relative )
 10m (when absolute tolerance <1km )
 15m ( when absolute tolerance > 1km )
Noiseless digital integrated fault locator parameters  1 ) Multiple hardware and software filtering, anti-noise performance
 2 ) sentinel sentinel error : ≤ 0.2m
 3 ) sentinel electromagnetic channel gain : ≥ 110dB (30 times )
 4 ) sentinel sound channel gain : ≥ 120dB (100 times )
 5 ) Advanced magnetic sound without noise interference combo sensitive one probe ( overall integrated structure )
 6 ) Advanced headphones , electronic instructions
High-power path signal generator main parameters  1 ) Output power : 8W
 2 ) Output frequency : 5.000kHz/62.500kHz
 3 ) Receiving frequency : 50Hz/5kHz/62.5kHz
 4 ) Reliable overheating and over-current, short circuit protection
 5 ) Full power automatic impedance matching
 6 ) MCU control, electronic display
Power supply  1) Built-in high -capacity lithium- host -ion rechargeable battery
 2) One noiseless sentinel built high-capacity battery 9V
 3) Handheld multi-frequency path analyzer built high-capacity battery 9V
 4) Intelligent path signal generator 220Vac ± 10%
Dimensions 380 × 320 × 240 All in one box structure

Also called as:

Live cable identification equipment
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