Cable Fault Locating System
Cable Fault Locating System

HX-4136H Cable Fault Locating System is an important tool to maintain all kinds of cables. It uses various ways to test cable faults, which is suitable for power cables and telecom cables with different levels of voltage.

This Cable Fault Locating System contains below equipments:

  1. HX-2131H Impulse Generator
  2. HX-4132 Cable Fault Locator
  3. HX-4133 Multi-pulse Cable Fault Tester
  4. HX-4133S Multi-pulse Coupler
  5. Other Accessories

HX-2131H Impulse Generator

It’s used to generate high voltage impulse when using impulse flashover method to detect high impedance(high resistance) fault.


 Strong burning ability, max.burning power is 1000W, breakdown point can be burned in short time and the resistance of breakdown point is decreased.

1. If working together with HX-4133 Cable Fault Tester, there are two locating methods:

1.1 Low voltage pulse: If only using HX-4133, open circuit and low impedance grounding faults of cable can be located, and the length of cable can be measured or wave speed of cable can be detected.

1.2 High voltage flashover: The discharging pulse voltage waveform of fault point is sampled by discharging sphere gap, which can locate fault distance.

2. Generate impulse of fixed frequency. If working together with HX-4132 Cable Fault Locator, there are following functions:

2.1 Audio frequency: locate high impedance, flash-over faults;

2.2 To pinpoint cable’s route, identify special cable;

2.3 To metallic breakdown(dead grounding), using magnetic-field measurement to locate accurately.

 It can also be used in DC HV withstand test.



       Input power : AC 220V,50Hz

       Output voltage: DC 0-32kV (adjustable)

       Rated power: 2kVA 2048J, 4uF

       DC flashover voltage: 32kV

       DC flashover current: 63mA

       Max.impulse current: 500mA

       Discharging method: DC HV, one time, cycle

       Cycle discharging time: 3-6 seconds

       Environmental temperature:0-40℃

       Humidity:<75% RH


       Insulation level: A

       Dimension: 430*540*410mm

       Weight:about 31kg.

HX-4132 Cable Fault Locator

Including main unit, acoustic and magnetic sensor, anti-noise headphone and charger.

It is suitable to test all kinds of power cable with metallic conductor.

Its main function is locating poor insulation point, detecting circuit and depth of power cable.


  • Acoustic Magnetic receiving at the same time,
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • With anti-noise headphone.
  • 320*240 LCD screen display
  • Built-in big capacity Li-battery, with fast charger.
  • Acoustic and Magnetic signal waveform display, signal and noise is easy to distinguish.
  • Using cursor to measure acoustic and magnetic delay, accurately determine fault point.
  • According to initial polarity of magnetic.waveform, it can locate and route detection.


1. Locating function

1.1 Acoustic signal transmission band: center frequency 400Hz, bandwidth 200Hz

1.2 Signal gain: 80dB

1.3 Locating accuracy: 0.1m

2. Power Supply

2.1 Built-in Li-battery, nominal voltage 7.4V, capacity 3000mAH;

2.2 Power consumption: 300mA, continuous working time 9 hours;

2.3 Charger: input AC220V±10%, 50Hz. Nominal output 8.4V, DC 1A

2.4  Charging time: 4 hours

3. Dimension: 270mm*150mm*210mm

4. Weight: 1.5kg.

5. Working Environment: -10℃--40℃, humidity 5-90%RH, altitude <4500m

HX-4133 Multi-pulse Cable Fault Tester

HX-4133 Cable Fault Locator is used to measure distance between cable faults. It’s easy to operate and with friendly interface.

It can be used alone under the low voltage pulse mode. Under the mode of pulse current,it needs to work with HX-2131 high voltage generator. Under the multiple pulse mode, HX-4133S coupler should be worked together. After distance locating, HX-4132 fault locator should be used for fault pinpointing. These products can be combined into a set of high performance and innovative cable fault testing system.



  • 7 inch LCD screen, friendly interface.
  • Multiple distance locating method:
  • Low voltage pulse method: it is suitable for the locating of the low resistance fault, short circuit fault, open circuit fault. It also can be used in the measurement of the cable length, the intermediate joints, T joints, and cable termination joint. This method also can be used to correct the wave velocity.
  • Pulse current method: It is suitable for distance measurement of the high resistance fault, breakdown fault. Using the current coupler to collect signals from the earth wire, it makes the user far away from the high voltage. This method is safe and reliable.
  • Multiple pulse: the advanced way to measure distance. The waveform is easy to identify and the accuracy is high.
  • 200MHz real-time sampling. Max. 0.4m measurement resolution. It has small dead zone and is special for the short cable and near fault cable.
  • Touch screen and press key operation
  • PIP copy (pic. temporary storage)
  • There will be a main window and three temporary storage windows could check three waveforms together.
  • Built-in operating system
  • Special software management for software upgrade, backup and restore.
  • Scale function
  • A starting point,10 contacts, one cable fault and one full length could be setting.
  • Display scale and testing waveform together
  • Waveform storage and communication with computer.
  • Internal storage of waveforms.
  • With USB, to download or upload data
  • Communication with computer
  • Power management
  • Backlight weakens if no operation in 2mins and power off in 10mins if no operation.
  • Built-in Polymer Lithium-ion battery.
  • Working time is up to 5 hours for each use.
  • Strong case, easy to carry.


Locating methods: 1 Low voltage impulse method

2 Impulse current method

3 Multiple impulse method if matched with HX-4133S

Max. sampling frequency: 200MHz
Gain range: 0-70dB
Low voltage impulse voltage: 30V
Max.resolution: 0.4m
Max. locating range: 100km
Dead zone: 2m
Battery: Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries,endurance time over 5 hours
Communication interface: USB
Power supply: Input AC220V,50Hz,current 2A,charge for 8 hours
Dimension: 274×218×81mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Working Temperature: -10℃-40℃
Humidity: 5-90%RH
Elevation: <4500m

HX-4133S Multiple Pulse Coupler

It is working together with HX-4133 Cable Fault Detector, used for detecting high impedance leak fault, flashover fault, low impedance earth and open circuit fault of power cables. HX-4133S supplied pulse coupling signal for HX-4133 and isolate it from high voltage equipment.



1. Using the most advanced technology of multiple pulse and pulse balance. The reflected waveform is more easy to identify.

2. With safety HV protection, the measuring circuit and high voltage impulse power is electrically isolated.

3. Easy wiring, safe and reliable.



Pulse voltage: 300V(P-P)

Allowable input impulse voltage: <35kV

Allowable input impulse energy: <2000J

Power input: 220V AC, 50Hz

Dimension: 560*230*220mm

Weight: 7 kg.

Also called as:

Cable fault tester, high voltage cable fault tester, pointing device, path analyzer, routing cable fault tester, cable fault Pursuit, portable cable fault location system, flash cable fault tester, cable fault sentinel, cable path analyzer.
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