AC Resonant Test System for CVT
AC Resonant Test System for CVT
AC Resonant Test System for CVT is specially designed for CVT. It is with smaller size and lighter weight than traditional device, meet various CVT inspection requirements of voltage with 35kV,66kV,110kV,220kV,330kV,500kV. According to customer’s requirement, the reactor can be divided into fixed and adjustable reactor.
Product Features:
1. Small size, light weight, simple wiring;
2. Dry type epoxy cast, high mechanical strength, good insulation, high reliability;
3. Large capacity margin, good output waveform, easy to operate;
4. Fully protection function: zero protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protect functions.
Model Specification(can be customized):
Voltage Number of 


Capacity of 

Control Box (kVA)

Exciting Transformer 


Exciting Transformer 




110kV 2 5 5 6 80
220kV 4 5 5 10 160
330kV 6 10 10 15 240
500kV 8 10 10 20 320

Also called as:

CVT AC Resonant Test System.

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