AC Resonant Test System For Cable,Cable Resonance Test System
AC Resonant Test System For Cable
AC Resonant Test System for Cable is composed of frequency/voltage adjustment power,exciting transformers, reactors, capacitive divider. The power frequency can be adjusted,which make the reactor and tested capacitor resonance.
Product Features:
1. Small size, light weight, portable design;
2. Suitable for 35kV or below cables;
3. Single parts not more than 30kg, easy to carry;
4. 220V or 380V single phase power supply,convenient for on-site power sourcing;
5. Dry type epoxy cast for reactor,nice and reliable,suitable for various types of cables.
Model Specification(can be customized):
Model Specification
FA Power Resonant Reactor Exciting Transformer Capacitive Divider Scope of Application
XZ-22-88 2.5kW 22kV/2A 2 set 2.4kVA 30kV 10kV Cable≤1.9kM (300mm2)
XZ-22-176 6kW 22kV/2A 4 set 6kVA 30kV 10kV Cable≤3.8kM (300mm2)
XZ-22-132 6kW 22kV/2A 2 set 4.5kVA 30kV 10kV Cable≤4.5kM (300mm2)
22kV/1A 2 set 750V/6A
XZ-22/54-66 2.5kW 22kV/1A 2 set 2.1kVA 60kV 10kV Cable≤2.2kM (300mm2)
750V/3A 35kV Cable≤500M (300mm2)
XZ-22/54-132 6kW 22kV/2A 2 set 4.5kVA 60kV 10kV Cable≤4.5kM (300mm2)
750V/6A 35kV Cable≤1.0kM (300mm2)
XZ-22-198 8kW 22kV/1A 3 set 6.75kVA 60kV 10kV Cable≤6.5kM (300mm2)
22kV/2A 3 set 750V/9A 35kV Cable≤1.5kM (300mm2)
XZ-22-264 10kW 22kV/2A 6 set 9kVA 60kV 10kV Cable≤8.5kM (300mm2)
750V/12A 35kV Cable≤2.0kM (300mm2)
XZ-22-330 12kW 22kV/1A 3 set 11.25kVA 60kV 10kV Cable≤10kM (300mm2)
22kV/2A 6 set 750V/15A 35kV Cable≤2.5kM (300mm2)
XZ-22-396 15kW 22kV/3A 6 set 13.5kVA 60kV 10kV Cable≤12kM (300mm2)
750V/12A 35kV Cable≤3kM (300mm2)

Also called as:

Cable Resonance Test System.

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